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"Place of Art" journal 

 PLACE OF ART           TEXTS 

Since 2018, the Place of Art project, together with the HSE Doctoral School of Arts and Design, has been organizing a series of seminars and conferences. Based on the materials of these events, in 2019 we founded the "Place of Art" journal. Each issue of the “Place of Art“ journal contains transcripts of research seminars, author’s materials, and translations of texts by researchers in the field of contemporary art. Starting from the second issue, the "Place of Art" journal is also published in English

The second issue of the "Place of Art" journal is devoted to the topic of critical geography. Inside the issue authors raise the questions of mapping the places of art, of searching for a new methodology for "horizontal" art history, as well as the questions of stability both of the place of art and the artwork. The issue contains materials of the "Place of Art" section at the conference "Theories and Practices of Art and Design: Sociocultural, Economic and Political Contexts", held on April 11, 2019, at the HSE Art and Design School


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Section 1. Counterpoints of Critical Geography: Piotr Piotrowski and current versions of the history of art

Section 2. Critical geography of the place of art: expansion of the territory

Section 3. Artwork material and the new ways of interacting with place and audience