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"Place of art"— Events

"Place of Art" team conducts cultural and educational conferences, seminars, and workshops, that are followed by the periodical publication of the "Place of Art" journal. 

Together with the Doctorate School of Art and Design in Higher School of Economics, we organize research seminars and scholar conferences during which our participants and invited speakers prepare reports and public talks on contemporary problematics of art, curating and its strategies

June 05 — 19, 2020

Conference "Exhibition as a means of analysis of contemporaneity. Ethics and politics of exhibitions"

How can we make exhibitions nowadays and how can we analyze it? Firstly, we strive to examine different methods of exhibition analysis. Secondly, it is essential to address a variety of curatorial practices and see how the optics of every exhibition is created.

Due to the current circumstances, we decided to organize part of the “Place of Art” panel in the online format. We will begin with the publication of video presentations by section participants during June. After the series of presentations, we are planning to arrange a round table with the speakers, “Place of Art” team, and a wide audience.

Speakers:Nicolas Audureau, Natalia Prikhodko, Sonja Lau.

April 11, 2019

Artist-talk with Esther Shalev-Gerz

April 11, 2019

Unlearning and tertiary memory. Some ideas on nuisance and authoritarian society. Anna Markowska, University of Wroclaw, Poland.

Anna Markowska — an art historian, curator and critic from Poland, graduated from the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, currently a professor at the University of Wroclaw. She lectured in many countries: Czech  Republic, Spain, Denmark, Italy, Israel, Portugal and Russia. Her research and teaching interests focus on art and culture from 1945 till now, comprise art after Holocaust, Polish art under Communism, art strategies in relation to power.