"Place of Art" team

Natalia Smolianskaia

Artist, curator and philosopher of art specializing in the problems of institutional critique, the role of avant-garde in the era of “surpassing art”, and the issues of actualizing art in modern condition.

Together with a group of curators, she runs research projects Vojti I razreshit (To Enter and Permit) and Mesto iskusstva (The Place of Art). From 2007 to 2013 she was the head of the research program dedicated to avant-garde theories and practices and the languages of art at the International College of Philosophy in Paris


A personal website

Amalia Avezdzhanova

Art historian, independent researcher

Victoria Belonenko

Art historian, independent researcher, editor of the "Place of Art" website

Polina Lukina

Ph.D student (HSE Art and Design School), executive editor of the "Place of Art" journal

Tatiana Mironova

Artist, independent researcher, participant of the "Expedition" project, Ph.D student (HSE Art and Design School) 


Kristina Pestova

Curator of art residence at CCI "Fabrika", independent researcher